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Glass Cutters

1)  Economy Plastic Glass Cutter

Economy Plastic Glass Cutters

Smaller Plastic handle, having cutting slats on the diamond head piece & very handy.

2)  Economy Delux Glass Cutter

Economy Delux Glass Cutters

Small size Silver & Gold anodized Aluminium handle, fitted with crystal clear diamonds. 
Powder coated handles also available.

3)  Standard Plastic Glass Cutter

 Standard Plastic Glass Cutters

A widely used standard product fitted with crystal diamonds & long plastic handle.
4)  Aluminium Delux Glass Cutter

Aluminium Delux Glass Cutters

Silver & Gold anodized aluminium handle generally used on 10 to 19 mm thick glass.  Diamonds used in this quality are special crystal diamonds of a very high grade.
5)  Round Cutters
Round Cutters Glass Cutters
It is used for cutting a glass in round shape.  Best quality silicon rubber of vacuum base for better grip on glass.  The diamonds used are of  bigger size crystal diamonds.  Available in 6", 12", 18", 24", 30", 36" & 48" radius.
6)  Carbide Wheel Cutters 

Carbide Wheel Cutters

Transparent plastic handle oil reservoir fitted with high quality tungsten carbide wheels.
Tungsten Carbide wheels angle is selected according to the thickness of glass.
7)  1.3 - 1.5mm head pcs

1.3 - 1.5mm head pcs Glass Cutters

These diamonds heads are made up of super delux quality crystal diamonds & are specially made for
1.3 - 1.5 mm Thick Glass.
8)  Spare Vacuum Base

Spare Vacuum Base Glass Cutters

When the life of the vacuum is over, instead of buying a new round cutter change only the vacuum base & start the work.  Available for 6" round cutters & 12" - 48" round cutters.

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